Citrus Yuri TV Anime Scheduled to Premiere in Winter 2018

citrus yuri tv anime january 2018

Saburouta’s Citrus yuri manga had revealed a new key visual and a 90-second promotional video in September. Today the broadcast schedule details for the upcoming yuri TV Anime has been revealed. The series will premiere in January 2018 on AT-X at 11:30 pm. further broadcast details on other TV stations have also been revealed.

  • On Tokyo MX every Sunday at 11:30 pm starting on January 07, 2018
  • On AT-X every Saturday at 11:30 pm starting on January 06, 2018
  • On Sun TV every Sunday at 1 am starting on January 07, 2018
  • On BS Fuji every Tuesday at 12:30 am starting on January 09, 2019

citrus tv anime yuri january 2018


  • Takeo Takahashi (Spice and Wolf) as the series director
  • Naoki Hayashi will do the Series composition
  • Izuro Ijuin (WORKING) as the Character designer and the chief Animation director
  • Lantis will do the music composition
  • Infinite will be the producer
  • Passione will produce the Anime

Voice Cast

  • Ayana Taketatsu as Yuzu Aihara
  • Minami Tsuda as Mei Aihara
  • Yukiyo Fujii as Harumi Taneguchi
  • Yurika Kubo as Himeko Momokino
  • Shiori Izawa as Matsuri Mizusawa
  • Ikumi Hayama as Kayo Maruta

Seven seas Entertainment describes the story,

Yuzuko Aihara, a high school girl whose main interests are fashion, friends and having fun, is about to get a reality check. Due to her mom’s remarriage, Yuzu has transferred to a new, all-girls school that is extremely strict. Her real education is about to begin.


From Day One, happy-go-lucky Yuzu makes enemies, namely the beautiful yet stern Student Council President Mei. So what happens when a dejected Yuzu returns home and discovers the shock of her life: that Mei is actually her new step-sister who has come to live with her? Even more surprising, when Mei catches Yuzu off-guard and kisses her out of the blue, what does it all mean?

Saburouta began work on the Citrus manga in 2012. Published by ichijinsha in the Comic Yuri Hime magazine. So far eight volumes have been published. Seven season entertainment has released six volumes in English with the seventh volume set for release in February 2018.

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