Boruto TV Anime Episodes 33 to 36 November Schedule

boruto tv anime spoilers 33 to 36

With the conclusion of episode 32 of Boruto Tv Anime. The field trip arc has finally come to an end. With all the chaos that took place in the Hidden Mist village, Boruto and the gang are finally heading back to their village. With that, we have new spoilers for the upcoming episodes of the series.

The next Arc will focus on the graduation exams of the academy students. Boruto Tv Anime is ever so close to catching up on the events from the Boruto movie.

Boruto TV Anime Spoilers & Summary

boruto spoilers 33 to 36

No. Episode Title Air Date
33 Slump! Ninja Art: Super Beast Scroll November 15
34 Starry Night November 22
35 Parent-Teacher-Student-Meeting November 29
36 Graduation Exam Begins!! December 6
Boruto TV Anime Episode 33: Slump! Ninja Art: Super Beast Scroll

Yamanaka Inojin loved drawing since he was a kid, and was always good at “super beast scroll” – the Jutsu through which he pours life into his drawings. But, suddenly he’s not able to use this technique. Puzzled, he goes to his father Sai, for help, since his father uses the same ninjutsu. Sai does not give him a solution, in fact, for some reason he suggests him to apply for a drawing contest for kids.

Boruto TV Anime Episode 34: Starry Night

Boruto says that Phantom fish has an “Unforgettable taste”.  so, in order to catch “Eingoi” fish, Boruto asks his classmates to go camping with him. Boruto thinks that perhaps this would be a good way to make one final memory with his classmates before they graduate. And so, they try to catch “Eingoi”.

Boruto TV Anime Episode 35: Parent-Teacher-Student-Meeting

Before the graduation exam, a parent-teacher meeting is held to review every student’s future path. Even though he had excellent marks in”Ninjutsu”, Boruto was worried since he was troublesome in class, and wasn’t on the right track to becoming a proper ninja. By chance, Boruto meets Sukei – a freelance journalist, before the graduation exam. feeling that his future as a ninja is at risk. Sukei gives him some advice.

Boruto TV Anime Episode 36: Graduation Exam, Begins!!

Graduation exam finally begins. After finishing the first obstacle – the written test, Boruto moves on to the practical exam. And that exam was… The 6th Hokage, Kakashi’s three-man team “Bell steal” type battle, against the academy teachers.

Now that the graduation exam is approaching. Let us know, what you think about the upcoming developments in the Boruto TV Anime.

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