Dragon Ball Super 115 to 119 Spoilers Ultra instinct is Back

dragonball super spoilers 115 to 119

It’s that time of the month already when we bring you the latest episode titles and summaries for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super Anime. From the Spoilers below, its officially been confirmed that the “Ultra Instinct” will return during the fight between Goku and Kefla (Fusion between Kale and Caulifla).

Although the “Ultra Instinct” is returning, the Dragon Ball community doesn’t seem all that excited. The reason being the ridiculous power-ups both Kale and Caulifla is gaining. If the power-ups weren’t bad enough for the fandom to swallow, according to the Episode 115 spoilers Super Saiyan blue gets defeated by Kefla. Even though Goku is in a weakened state after the fight with Jiren, it still hard to imagine super Saiyan blue getting defeated by two Saiyans who barely got to Super Saiyan 2.

And to make things even worse, the spoilers below tell us that “Ultra Instinct” might be a key factor in defeating Kefla. We give thanks to YonkouProductions for the Scans and Kenxyro for the Translations

dragon ball super 115 to 119 spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Episode 115:  Goku Vs Kefla! Super Saiyan Blue Defeated?!

Scheduled to Air: November 12

Caulifla and Kale of Universe 6, who were fighting Son Goku of Universe 7, fused using the “potara” of kaioshin. The twionow fight Goku as “Kefla”, and overwhelm him with tremendous power. Each Universe who saw the fusion happen begins to wonder if they, too, can retort to using the potara themselves and lay down their strategies accordingly.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 116:  Symptoms Return! Grand Eruption Of Ultra Instinct!

Scheduled to Air: November 19

Due to his fight to the limit with Kefla, Goku uses Ultra Instinct – the state which even Gods of destruction cannot easily attain.  In an answer to that Kelfa powers up as well.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 117:  Grand Battle of Love! Androids Vs Universe 2!!

Scheduled to Air: November 26

Ribrianne and others of Universe 2 rush in to attack Goku, who activated Ultra instinct and ran out of energy as a result. It looked like Goku would be taken out, from the attacks of Ribrianne and her teammates but then Android 17 and 18 come in to help.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 118:  Tragedy Closes in on the Vanishing Universe…!

Scheduled to Air: December 3

Dragon Ball Super Episode 119:  New Casualty from Universe 7! True ability of Universe 4

Scheduled to Air: December 10

Summaries for Episodes 118 and 119 have not been revealed. We also have Alternate summaries for some of the episodes.

dragon ball super spoilers episodes 115 to 119





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