Welcome to the Ballroom Episode 18 Review

welcome to ballroom episode 18 review

Welcome to the Ballroom took a step forward and a step back this week. This seems to be a continuing trend that I hope the series shakes off for  the last arc.

We open with Tatara and Chinatsu getting ready to start the competition that we left off in the last episode. Despite not being partners for a while and arguing for most of the training camp the first round of the tournament is a breeze. Tatara remarks that he was surprised how easy it felt to go through the round so smoothly and that it was also his first time getting checks from every one of the judges.

On the downside though, Ballroom has seemed to have slipped back into its old habits of telling rather than showing. The fact that this is the last arc of the show and the gravity of the tournament isn’t conveyed what so ever in its visuals or it’s sounds. Which disappoints me because at the VERY least Ballroom has grown to let us actually hear the music, but I suppose that’s asking too much.

Gaju continues to redeem himself and be an actual character I want to see on screen with his reactions and snide remarks. The highlight of this episode though had to be Tatara himself. We see him actually talking back to Chinatsu and  standing up for himself. We see him get genuinely upset that he can’t figure out what kind of dance he wants to make for himself and because of this his lead finally gets through to Chinatsu.

For one moment, only 2 measures Tatara and Chinatsu are perfectly in sync and it must have surprised one of the judges too because he drops his stylus (second time that’s happened, by the way). We see that Hyoudo doesn’t care how well Tatara and Chinatsu actually do but how he finally expresses his own dance style. Credit where credit is due that final scene is well done showing Tatara finally finding himself and the shocked reactions from the rest.

I’m seriously hoping that with these rising tensions with the new rounds we will get to see ACTUAL dancing, but honestly, at this point, my hopes aren’t that high. We see no real dance movements of sound, and it is a bit odd that Tatara and Chinatsu are basically over their spat, but Gaju, Hyoudo, and Tatara bring the episode up from being “eh” to being “alright”.


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