Black Clover TV Anime Announced for 51 Episodes

Black clover 51 episodes announced

There were unofficial confirmations about a few weeks ago, from some of our reliable sources that Black Clover Television Anime series was listed at 51 episodes. But it was an unofficial confirmation so we didn’t make an official announcement on our blog.

Today we have official confirmation from The Official website for Black Clover Television Anime series. The Official website is listing five Blu-ray and DVD box sets with 9 to 12 episodes per box set, that rounds up to about 51 episodes.

Black Clover TV Anime will be divided into four cours with four new openings and endings. The first Box-set is scheduled to ship on February 23, 2018. The Box sets will be titles Chapter I, II, III, IV AND V. Chapter II to Chapter V will ship on May 23, July 27, October 26 and January 29, 2019.

There is probably going to be a big divide between fans regarding the listing of 51 episodes for Black clover. There are those who outright hate the Anime adaption for its similarities to other popular shounen shows. And there are those will watch for the heck of it. This explained the pacing for the 1st and the 2nd episodes, the pacing was very slow to the point that it felt like they added extra padding to extend on the episodes.

This makes a lot of sense now, with the announcement coming out and letting us know that there is going to be 51 episodes of Black Clover. It makes perfect sense why they would drag out the episodes. They probably don’t want to catch up with the manga anytime soon so that they can Animate as much as possible, as long as possible. Regardless how we might feel about Black Clover’s Anime adaption, this is a relatively good news. It has been awhile that we had a long-running shounen Anime. With shounen Anime having their trope of production issues on a grander scale, we just have to wait and watch on how things will pan out for Black Clover.

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