Welcome to the Ballroom Episode 16-17 Review

Welcome to the Ballroom Episode 16-17 Review

Welcome to the Ballroom has both taken a step back and a step forward with these 2 episodes. Episode 16 frustrated me beyond belief because we get to see next to no dancing while we are at the actual competition, which is slowly starting to aggravate me.

Tatara and Chinatsu end up dropping out of the competition, because of reasons? Despite the fact they would have actually passed the check according to Gaju. To pass the first round check they needed to be dancing at a B class level at least. Which is weird because Tatara and Chinatsu are only D class right now. Anyway, Marrisa takes them to a training camp place along with Gaju, Mako, Hyoudo, Shizuku, Kugimiya, and his partner. Marissa tells Tatara and Chinatsu that they will be entering a competition in August and they HAVE to win. Unfortunately, both Akira and Kugimiya are also entering that competition so Tatara and Chinatsu are going to have some challenges.

This is where Chinatsu and Tatara have their first real couples spat. In that I mean they make Chinatsu freak out over something that seems insignificant. Tatara half cries, because reasons? Nearly all of the interactions in episode 16 had me  asking “why?” Thankfully episode 17 was better. Tatara and Chinatsu get over their argument by the end of it, and Chinatsu realizes that she’s partially at fault for why she and Tatara don’t sync up after hearing from Mako that she thought he was a great leader. Considering the blame was mostly on Tatara this is a good change.

We also get a good amount of fanservice which was pretty unneeded but we get a good dose for both genders so I can’t complain too much. Gaju really was the highlight for me in episode 17 being the comedic side of the episode. Especially when he gets furious at Tatara again because he seems hell-bent to think something happened between Mako and Tatara. Classic. Overall episode 17 was focused more on the psychological side of things rather than the physical and since we were able to get some reasoning for our characters actions, it is much less irritating.

In the next episode of Ballroom, it looks like we are going to be starting the August competition, and we are going to see Chinatsu in her red dress that most people are fond of from the manga. Though it looks a bit more pinkish-red from what we’ve seen in the preview.

WTB Episode 16-17 Review


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