Garo: Vanishing Line Episode 4 Review

garo vanishing line episode 4 review

Vanishing Line episode 4 was a bit of a hiccup for the overall series thus far. Was it bad? Oh hell no, it was still an enjoyable ride that I don’t regret having to sit through, but it definitely lacked the stable footing that the first 3 episodes had.

Thankfully, we get our good old orphan girl Sophie back. Being absent for 2 episodes made me miss her and the spitfire spark she brings to the series. She reminisces about her missing brother, who we find out is named Martin, before she continues her investigation of his disappearance. Sophie decides the best solution is to find Sword again since he seems to know what “El Dorado” is, and if she can find that odds are she will find her brother.  She ends up at the house of a woman whose brother has also gone missing. Sophie’s hunch is right because Sword ends up slamming doors down like a gentleman to investigate himself.

Unfortunately, the first half of this episode is just that. Sophie talking to the woman and trying to get some leads on where Sword might be. This causes the episode to be rather mundane, slow, and lackluster. The animation is pretty minimal in this section but the art still thankfully hold up well.

The episode does find its footing though in the second half where we find out that the woman was a Horror all along, which was pretty obvious from the very beginning, and she was behind her brother’s disappearance. The brother driving her to kill him after he literally tortures her in a dungeon in their basement. Worst. Priest. Ever. Sword ends up busting through the basement on his bike to save Sophie before completely annihilating the Horror outside with a little help from Sophie herself. The animation noticeably kicks it up a notch to be smoother with the bike and fighting movement which I was worried about so I’m glad my worries were for nothing.

Good news is that Sophie officially joins Sword on his search for “El Dorado” and it finally seems like the plot is continuing in motion which is a positive. Next week it oddly looks like Sword and Sophie are apart of an infiltration mission or something straight out of a mafia movie, so I can’t place whether it will be another Horror of the week or if it will actually continue advancing the plot. I do hope for the latter. Nevertheless, this episode of Garo was still entertaining and it is always nice to see Sword kick some ass every episode. He’s easily becoming one of my favorite characters of Vanishing-Line.

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