Dragon Ball Super Episode 114-115 Spoilers and Summary

dragon ball super 114 115 spoilers

We have already encountered many surprises in this current arc of Dragon Ball Super and the surprises don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. We have a new Episode Summary and Title for the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super – Tournament of Power Arc.

In the old DBZ days, the Super Saiyan transformations were a thing of spectacle, a transformation not easily achieved. But in Dragon ball super these Super Saiyan transformations look like child’s play! The fandom has been in an uproar about these transformations with the Universe 6 Saiyan’s climbing the Super Saiyan ladder at an alarming pace. Which brings us to the question that whether, Universe 6 Saiyan’s could have more potential than the Universe 7 Saiyan’s?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 114 Spoiler and Summary

dragon ball super episode 114 115 spoilers

Episode Title: Terrifying Birth of a New Super Warrior

Air Date: November 5


Further growth, Kale’s Grand Transformation!

Because of her deep desire to help Caulifla, Kale manages to control her true power. And then, Champa tells the two to initiate a secret plan..?!

Now here is where things get very interesting. The upcoming episode title and summary for the 115th episode reveals something that has the fandom on pins and needles. The upcoming 115th episode title reveals potential fusion between Caulifla and Kale.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 Spoilers

dragon ball super episode 114 115 spoilers

Episode Title: Goku Vs Kefla

Air Date: November 12

Brief Summary: The name Kefla is in English and in Japanese its Kefura. The Obvious assumption is that its a combination of Caulifla and Kale names. Keru and Karifura = Kefura.

We learn from episode 114 spoilers that Kale is gonna get stronger and unleash a powerful transformation. We also have, what looks like more spoilers for the Episode 114 from the magazine scans of the latest shonen jump issue.

dragon ball super episode 115 114 spoilers

Basically, this scan above hints us that Kale and Caulifla will transform into Super Saiyan 3 in the upcoming episode.

Could it be that the new warrior that is being teased is the fusion between Caulifla and Kale?

Will we see any further fusions between Goku and Vegeta?

So many questions are yet to be answered and so the excitement level is over 9000!

Stay with us as we bring you more spoilers, as it comes out for the upcoming episodes.




Source: Yonkouprod and Herm98




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