Top 15 Must Watch Sports Anime


Keep in mind that there are obviously more sports anime than these (And I’ve seen just about all of them) but these 15 are the ones that I believe everyone should watch

1. Ace of Diamond

Ace of Diamond is about a 1st year pitcher Sawamura Eijun as he joins the powerhouse Seidou High School’s baseball team. He and his team work to try and get to Nationals is the short version. This is my favorite anime of all time. Nearly all the characters have some kind of quirk or charisma that gives the team some flare. Especially the 3rd years, they are amazing. Ace of Diamond is great for getting hyped despite the slow 1st episode, and even though it is a bit lengthy the re-watch ability is high as hell. I would know I’ve re-watched it 3 times.

2. Haikyuu

After being inspired by “The Little Giant” when he was younger Hinata Shouyou revives his middle school volleyball club. After being completed crushed by a team with “The King” Kageyama Tobio on it Hinata moves on to join Karasuno High School’s volleyball club only to realize Kageyama is apart of the same club. Now the two must work together with the rest of the team, to once again, make it to nationals. Haikyuu isn’t one of the most popular sports anime for nothing. It does a fantastic job at giving nearly everyone on Karasuno a chance to shine. Haikyuu has a LARGE cast with multiple other teams and, like Karasuno, it gives all the big players and teams chances to shine. There is genuinely no team in Haikyuu that I do not like. Also another great series to induce hype. The games are beautifully animated and well paced all throughout its 3 seasons with S1 and 3 being my favorites.

3. One Outs

One Outs is another baseball anime about a pitcher named Toua Tokuchi who under certain circumstances ends up playing on a rundown professional team. Only catch is that with every out Toua pitches he earns 5 million yen, but with every run he gives up he will lose 50 million yen. One Outs is a more psychological take on baseball. The way Toua uses mind games on his opponents and seeing him weasel out of situations he gets himself into is beyond entertaining, and you will be rooting for Toua and his team the entire time. You WILL be so smug and happy when Toua does end up getting his way. This is a man vs the higher ups through and through.

4. Major  

Major is an older baseball series that has run for multiple seasons showing nearly the entirety of Gorou Honda’s life from a kid up until he is in the professional league. While doing this does risk people not picking it up because of the long run-time of the series, it DOES do a great job at getting you completely invested in the main character Gorou. I nearly teared up at the final episode. BUT, luckily there is going to be a continuation that is in the works soon. Major is pretty well known as a series that is a baseball classic so you can’t really go wrong here.

5. Kuroko no Basket

Kuroko no Basket (or Kuroko no Basuke) is about a boy named Kuroko who played on a middle school basketball team. That team also consisted of 5 other players who are THE BEST of their generation which gave them the title “Generation of Miracles”. The Miracles ended up walking seperate paths in high school and Kuroko on his new basketball team must defeat all of them with the help of his new partner Kagami to become the best in Japan. This is literally basketball with super powers. Sure most of what happens CAN theoretically happen in real life, but not on the level that Kuroko is at. Production I.G. makes the games epic as all hell and basically every game looks fantastic. Once again this is not popular as hell for no reason.


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