Garo: Vanishing Line Episode 3 Review

Vanishing Line

Episode 3 of Vanishing Line gives us nothing less than pure adulterated fun.  It does next to nothing to push the overarching plot about “El Dorado”, but that does not mean it was any less enjoyable.

We’re shown another horror of the week story and this time the horror has taken the form of a computer who gives the big bad guy Damien information to help him climb to the top of the crime syndicate in exchange for feeding on humans. Something Damien seems to have no problem in doing. More importantly, however, we are introduced to Gina, a confident, sexy badass who jumps from interesting job to interesting job.

She seems to be apart of the Makai world in some way because of her magic barrier that she is able to use in the form a bullet. We learn of her story or what exactly she is about, but we certainly learn about her character through her interactions with the one-off baddies and Sword. Sword himself seems to be relatively cautious with Gina and her cool as hell car that looks like it came out of the movie Redline.

Strangely enough, we do get to see one of Damien’s henchmen and it is obvious he was at least going to show up later in the episode based on his character design, but I weirdly liked his design and I wish he wasn’t probably just going to be a one-off character of the week. Never the less, Gina breaks into Damien’s bachelor pad to defeat the horror and this is where I am a bit let down from the episode.

Sword is able to defeat the horror but it is really anticlimactic since we don’t really get to see this big epic fight and it’s more of a quick beat-down. It is also a bit disappointing that Sophie is also absent from this episode yet again. It looks like we will be seeing her again next episode, but while I can’t say I didn’t enjoy this horror of the week episode, I can say that I hope the pacing of the actual plot does pick up a bit after this.

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