Juuni Taisen : Zodiac War Episode 1-3 Review

Juuni Taisen

Juuni Taisen is an action anime with a very interesting concept. It has a dark and mysterious feeling to it, which makes you wonder what might happen next. Unlike many other action anime, Juuni Taisen does not revolve around a single character as we have seen in the episodes that are released so far. This makes it even more interesting, as something that you would never expect, could actually happen with the characters.

(Major Spoiler Alert)

Juuni Taisen

Juuni Taisen is about the Zodiac Tournament, which takes place every 12 years. In this tournament, 12 warriors with the names and attributes of 12 Chinese Zodiac animals have to fight against each other. As we saw in the first episode each warrior was given a poisonous gem; which they had to swallow. In order to win, the warriors have to take the gems from all other warriors and they have to do so within 12 hours after which the poison will activate.

The warriors are all deadly in their own way. The 12 warriors are Boar, Chicken, Dog, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Ox, Rabbit, Ram, Rat, Snake and Tiger. Out of the lot, the Ox is the most feared and also the favourite to win the tournament. Along with the veteran warriors there are also some young mysterious warriors; the Rat being the most mysterious. The Snake was the first warrior to be eliminated, as he was killed by the Rabbit before the tournament even began.

After the tournament began, the first encounter was between the Boar and the Rabbit. The Boar had already thought of the process to eliminate this enemy. But it was all for naught, as the Rabbit turned out to be a necromantist (he can control the people he kills). He controlled the Snake warrior and used him to kill the Boar. Thus the Boar was the second warrior to be eliminated.

With the Boar also being controlled by the Rabbit, the Chicken approached the Dog and asked for his help in eliminating the Rabbit. The Dog agreed to help and waited for an opportunity to kill the Chicken along with the Rabbit. But the Chicken tricked the Dog and killed him. After this, there was a moment where the Ox attacked the Horse. Whether the Horse warrior escaped or died is still a mystery. The Ox warrior was injured but this did not stop him from killing the Chicken. Hence the Dog and the Chicken were the third and fourth warriors to be eliminated.

Juuni Taisen, as of now, is very good and enjoyable. The plot looks very interesting and it certainly has the potential to become one of the top anime of this Fall. The animation quality is also very good. The mystery about some characters is yet to be revealed. One by one the characters are dying and you just have to wonder who will die next. The execution is also done very nicely. I’m hoping the plot remains good in the upcoming episodes.

Have you watched Juuni Taisen yet? If yes then, do let us know your impressions on this anime through the comments section.


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