Girls’ Last Tour TV Anime First Impressions

Girls' Last Tour doesn't reveal its cards all at once but instead takes its time to give you small clues as to what was happening as the main characters interact with each other.

Girls’ Last Tour comes off as a slice of life show mixed in with an interesting setting, post-apocalyptic type of thing. The first episode gives off the sense of mystery behind what’s happening in this world and where the main characters have been before this starting point. Girls’ Last Tour doesn’t reveal its cards all at once but instead takes its time to give you small clues as to what was happening as the main characters interact with each other.

Both of them are charming and bounce off each other well, making for some enjoyable moments between them. Chito is the smart one here that oddly knows a lot about the world’s past and customs, while Yuuri is aimlessly learning about these things just now. Chito obviously has an advantage towards Yuuri because of her smarts (she can also read and write, while Yuuri doesn’t have much knowledge behind this).

Girls' Last Tour TV Anime First Impressions

There’s an interesting scene in the first episode where Yuuri points the gun at Chito because she wanted a piece of chocolate (which Chito wanted to share). Chito then mentions that she should’ve probably carried a gun with her. Though, while I do believe that Yuuri was most likely joking around (despite how serious it was presented, the conclusion to the scene makes it come off as a joke), we are informed that Chito is at a disadvantage without a weapon against Yuuri. Not saying this really matters, could be nothing and I may be looking for something that isn’t there, but it’s sort of interesting to at least think about once.

Girl's Last Tour

I’m only reaching because these characters are honestly not all that interesting; they’re sort of cute together, but that’s about it. These first two episodes were basically that plus them doing the slice of life things; AKA, laundry, sleeping, eating and best of all, shooting practice! It doesn’t look like it has a lot going for it narratively speaking, but the atmosphere is such a breath of fresh air. The characters are such a charm to watch that it’s surely not even focusing on narrative for good reason. Well, it at least works for now, but it does become tedious considering that there isn’t much depth to our characters at the moment.

Girls' Last Tour

The animation of Girls’ Last Tour is simply fine; nothing out of the ordinary, but I will give credit to the CGI, which is surprisingly very good and not an eye-sore. The art style is interesting, but most notably the character designs, which come off as cutesy Moe. Thankfully, the writers aren’t annoying about this and keep the cutesy stuff subtle with small actions that our characters do instead of being up in your face. Anyway, this comes off sweet and has a lovable cast of characters that are a joy to watch. The show also has an inviting atmosphere that’s smooth and relaxing, and while I’m begging for something interesting to happen narratively (at least gives us a better hint towards something), I don’t fault it much. One of the better shows of the 2017 Fall season (but still sort of just okay).


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