My Hero Academia Season 2 Top Highlights

My Hero Academia Season 2 Top Highlights

My Hero Academia is another successful mainstream series; whose Season 2 anime released in Spring 2017 and concluded at the end of Summer season. This Shounen anime series has a high potential and I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes one of the best anime series of all time. In a recent ambitious pole, taken by the You-Tuber ‘Anime Man’ for the Top 100 Anime Series of All Time, My Hero Academia ranked 2nd!

This clearly shows the impact of this action- oriented anime on the viewers. Personally, I found the first season of the anime to be moderate and a bit over-rated and I had no real expectations while watching season 2, mainly because I am a bit tired of watching action-based anime. Yet, I loved season 2 of My Hero Academia! It’s one of the best anime released this year. The animation and the action scenes were amazing to watch. The plot also was surprisingly amazing and also the Characters of My Hero Academia got a very good amount of Character development. Even though it is a cliched Shounen anime series, My Hero Academia has a unique vibe about it!

So in this article, I am mentioning my Top 12 out of the many amazing Highlights from Season 2 of My Hero Academia. Since it’s an action series, it’s obvious that the list will contain many Highlights involving epic battles, but I have also added other significant Highlights which do not involve action scenes.
(Spoiler Alert)
 12.   Todoroki & Momo Vs Eraser Head

This makes it to my Top Highlights of Season 2 of My Hero Academia because, I loved the plan used by Momo Yayorozu and Todoroki Shoto to trap their Formidable Homeroom Sensei – Eraser Head! Momo, who lacked confidence and doubted her own abilities and also never really spoke out her ideas to anyone; comes up with this amazing plan.

With Todoroki’s help, they successfully outsmart Eraser Head and thus both of them clear their Practical Exam. It was also nice to see that Todoroki has stopped hesitating in using his Flame Quirk and thus fought with his full potential.

 11.  Uraraka’s Confusion on her Feelings for Midoriya

I am not an Otaku who loves Shipping of characters, but I really liked the way the Shipment of Uraraka and Midoriya begins to Sail! After Hero Naval Laser – Yuuga Ayoma directly asks Uraraka whether she likes Midoriya, she gets confused; it seems like it is the first she asked this question to herself also.

In later episodes, she really gets confused by this question and it also makes her feel very nervous whenever she is near Midoriya. All the shipping fans, especially Uraraka x Deku ones’, where filled with joy to see this Ship begin to Sail. Personally, this does deserve to be on the Top 12 Highlights as I believe this will play major part in Uraraka’s character development.

 10. Cavalry Battle

The 2nd round of the U.A. Sports Festival produced a thrilling Cavalry Battle! Since the head-band containing the highest points (10 million points) was given to the winner of the first round, majority of the teams targeted Midoriya’s Team consisting of Uraraka, Mei & Tokoyami. An exciting battle scene was produced when Team Midoriya locked horns with Todoroki’s Team, also consisting of Lida, Kaminari and Momo.

In the end Todoroki’s team wins the round and Midoriya’s Team barely makes it to final round! Overall, the Cavalry Battle had a huge impact on the viewers, as it involved some good funny scenes and good character development, especially for Tokoyami and it also some amazing intense battles; with amazing animation, it just builds up more hype for the remainder of the tournament.


 9. Uraraka Vs Bakugo

This epic fight between Uraraka and Bakugo takes place in the Final Knockout Stages; though the result was expected that Bakugo will win one-sided. But, Uraraka gave Bakugo a run for his money as she gives a fantastic display of her Quirk and at one point it seemed that she would win! But Bakugo was in a league of his own and he showed their clear difference in power by using his very powerful Explosion Quirk

This fight gave a great character development for Uraraka and even for Bakugo, as he never underestimated and faced Uraraka with respect and he gave his 100%. This is one of the best fights I saw in this season and it also had a key role to play in their character developments.


 8. Midoriya Winning the First Round

The U.A Academy Sports Festival begun with a Bang! As the first round was ‘Obstacle Race Course’ was simply amazing; with Todoroki & Bakugo who started has the firm favorites to win this round were beaten by the Dark Horse of this Festival – Midoriya. He takes a piece of metal he got from a Gigantic Robot they had to face in the first obstacle and uses it against the land mines present in the final obstacle to brilliantly race past Todoroki & Bakugo.

My Hero Academia Season 2 Top Highlights

This scene was fantastically executed and it really set the tone for the rest of the Sports Festival. This also boosted Midoriya’s confidence that he can become a proper successor for All Might’s Quirk – One for All.


7. Bakugo Winning the Tournament

And the Winner of the U.A Sports festival is Bakugo!! I am pretty sure many viewers including me were expecting Midoriya to be the Winner after his sensational performances in the earlier rounds, but he loses in the Quarter-Finals against Todoroki, which eventually resulted in the final battle of the festival between Todoroki and Bakugo. Since Todoroki refused to use his Flame Quirk which helped to beat Midoriya; Bakugo won this battle as Todorkoi didn’t give his best.

Since Bakugo wasn’t satisfied winning like this and demanded the match to be continued; his demands were denied and he was forcibly tied against a pole and his whole body was locked. Then he was awarded with the Winners Medal by All Might and this scene was very funny to see and also it was nicely executed. It would have been a much closer match, if Todoroki would have used his Flame Quirk. But I do feel that Bakugo was rightly chosen as the Winner of the tournament as for the Amazing and Explosive display of his Quirk throughout the Sports Festival.

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