Knights & Magic (Summer 2017) Review

Knights & Magic (Summer 2017) Review

Knights & Magic is set in a world where medieval knights use giant robots called Silhouette Knights to fight against demon beasts. The protagonist Tsubasa, is a Mecha Otaku who is reincarnated into another world as Ernesti Echevarria, also known as Eru.

Knights & Magic (Summer 2017) Review

Here in this world, Tsubasa’s previous memories inspire him to create his own Silhouette Knight and defend his kingdom. Eru and his friends, Archid Olter and Adeltrud Olter; aim to become Knight Runners.

Season:     1
Episode:   13
Genre:       Fantasy,Mecha
Studio:       8-bit


Tsubasa is a computer programmer and was a huge Mecha Otaku, who always would collect all Mecha Otaku models. However, he meets with an accident. Tsubasa then gets reincarnated into a Magical World; Here in this world, he sees his father fight demons using Silhouette Knight and this inspires him to become a Silhouette Knight Runner.One day while he was training he meets Archid Olter also called as Kid and Adeltrud Olter also called as Addy.

At first, they misunderstand the protagonist gender; as the protagonist is a Trap! (Boy who looks like a girl). Addy falls in love with him because of his cuteness. All of them decided, that they will become Knight Runners and so together they,enrol into Laihiala Knights Academy, where students are trained to become Knight Runners. Eru, during his magic training, excels other students.During an attack on a field trip, Eru tries to use a Silhouette Knight to fight the demon beast and ends up realising that he is too short to use a Silhouette Knight.

He tries to find a solution and he ends up creating his very own Silhouette Knight which he could use. Eru’s success makes him the driving force and the Head Knight behind a New ‘Order of Knights’ called ‘Silver Phoenix Knights’ and gained direct access to the National Technological Robotics Laboratory.


Knights & Magic has a lot of interesting characters. At first, we have Ernesti Echevarria who was called as Tsubasa from the real world, here he is called as Eru who ends up being a trap. Then we have Kid and Addy who are siblings. Addy is very much fond of Eru and loves to hug him. Kid, does not get along with his father and his legal family, especially his older-half brother Baltsar, who despises them as the latter fears their father might legitimate them and make Kid his heir.

Edgar C. Blanche is a senior and also considered as the top Knight Runner in the School. Dietrich Knitz, who is arrogant but after running away during a fight against a Behemoth; he changes his behaviour and becomes more responsible. Helvi Oberi, who is filled with a determination to win and fight side by side with Edgar.

David Hepken is a dwarf engineer in training, who is friends with EruLauri Echavalier, Eru’s grandfather and principal of the Laihiala Knights AcademyMathias Echavalier- Eru’s father is also a Knight Runner. Celestina Echavalier – Eru’s mother is the one who taught Eru magic.

Animation, Voice Acting & Soundtrack

Knights & Magic is one of those anime where we have the Mecha fighting scenes better animated rather than having a game-play type of animation during the fight scenes.

The voice acting is really done well and we can really feel the emotion of each character, especially the protagonist who voice acting is done by a female; which makes the protagonist, the perfect trap.

The opening and closing theme songs are really good. The music during the fight scenes makes the anime more interesting and exciting to watch.

Overall Enjoyment

Knights & Magic is an excuse to show off great looking and very intricate Mechas. The story just seems to be an after-thought; nothing bad ever seems to happen to the main characters. Anytime they’re faced with a challenge, they always effortlessly overcome it. It’s worth watching if you love Mecha’s and don’t care about a dry story. I certainly enjoyed it for that aspect, but it lacks a good story.

The main character is very likeable and his passion is contagious. It’s the usual Otaku Fantasy of being dropped into a world you love. I think the fact they’re ending it so early shows means that, we’ll never see the manga truly fleshed out.

The war and post-war scenes were rushed so it was a bit disappointing. I look forward to the day when we can see two to three seasons to truly judge an anime of this kind.

For all the viewers out there, who have already watched Knights & Magiclet us know about your opinion in the comment section.

Review By:   Jaison Dragneel

Edited By :     Llama


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