Boruto TV Anime Episodes 28-32 October-November Schedule

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Boruto Naruto: The Next Generation Episode 27 , aired a few days back and it was one of those episodes, where the build-up is actually very good, but they did have a lot of slow pacing in it.

They finally linked the comparison between Kagura and Yagura. We also find out that , Boruto has both Wind and Lightning Chakra; but enough of that.

We have New Boruto episode titles and summaries for the October schedule. Boruto TV Anime entered a new arc last month, in which Shino’s Class goes on a field trip to the Hidden Mist Village.

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No. Episode Title Air Date
28 A Declaration of War 11-Oct
29 The New Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist 18-Oct
30 Sharingan Vs Lightning Sword: Kiba 25-Oct
31 Boruto and Kagura 1-Nov
32 Souvenir Quest 8-Nov



Boruto TV Anime Episode 28: A Declaration of War

Karatachi kagura of the Hidden Mist Village finally re-affirmed his true emotions and feelings, by finally meeting Boruto and his friends and he is finally determined to acquire the two twin swords “Hirameikar” from the current 6th Mizukage Choujiro.

However, Hoshigaki Shizuma appears before two of them and declares a mini-war against the peace-loving Nation. He and his friends are against this current peaceful Ninja world and they intend to resurrect the Old  Seven Ninja Swordsmen of Blood Mist Village and throw the Ninja world back into Chaos!

Boruto TV Anime Episode 29: The New Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist

With the safe opened by Kagura, Shizuma and his followers took the demon swords that have been passed down to the village from generations.

Shizuma finally reforms the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and begins his Rebellion to revert back the current Hidden Mist village to the old Blood Mist Village. Boruto along with Sarada, who knows the current situation moves to assist Kagura.

Boruto TV Anime Episode 30: Sharingan Vs Lightning Sword: Kiba

Under the guidance of Choujiro, Boruto and Sarada arrive at the location of where Shizuma and his followers are. However, Shizuma uses his “Crimson Mist Barrier Technique”  because of which it affects everyone’s vision and they are unable to perfectly see the situation in front of them.

The three are separated and are forced to battle their own opponents. Sarada gets her own battle partner, where she fights with a female ninja, who inherited the Lightning Sword Kiba ‘ Kurosaki Bunton’.

Boruto TV Anime Episode 31: Boruto and Kagura

Boruto wants to take Kagura his friend back, but Kagura refuses and points his sword towards him. He is unable to defy Shizuma’s words because of the spell he is under.

Boruto tries to save Kagura from the spell, from which he should have already been set free. But he is unable to defy Shizuma’s control and in midst of this situation a certain warrior steps into the battlefield.

Boruto Tv Anime Episode 32: Souvenir Quest

No summary for this episode yet.

Let us know, what you think about the upcoming developments in the Boruto TV Anime.





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