Black Clover Episode 2 Preview & Summary

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Black Clover’s premiere sure has gotten some mixed responses from the fandom. From Asta’s Ear busting Voice, to it being too similar to Naruto. The hype is still alive and I am sure people will get used to the cliche eventually.

Black Clover was one of those Anime, I was looking forward to this fall season. Despite the Below Average Animation from Studio Pierrot, I will stick with this series until it lasts.

We have Black Clover Episode 2 Preview, scheduled to air on October 10.

Scans Credit to  YONKOUPROD and Translations credit to SAIYANLOGY.

black clover

Black Clover Episode 02: A Boy’s Promise

Scheduled Air Date: October 10th

A Grimoire appears in front of Asta

Asta was unable to obtain a Grimoire, at the Grimoire award ceremony! Yuno is in trouble and remembered the event 10 years ago! Nobody saw such a case- A Grimoire suddenly Appears!!

Thieves, aiming for Yuno’s 4 leaf clover. Lebuty binds Yuno with his chain magic and robs Yuno’s Book!! Asta Vs Lebuty – Yuno in crisis

Asta Vs Lebuty – Yuno in Crisis!!

Asta who cannot use magic at all, challenges the former Magic Knight Lebuty; for a fight to help Yuno.

This week – Asta (What is the reason Asta wants to become a Wizard King….!?)

Asta’s knows the existence of the Wizard king, from a picture book that Sister had read to him long ago. He decided to make everyone happy by becoming the Wizard King.

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