Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 First Taste

Shokugeki no Soma S3 First Taste

At long last, the Season 3 of ‘Shokugeki no Soma’ released and it starts off with a bang! All the Shokugeki fans out there, who have already seen this episode; I am pretty sure we all started feeling nostalgic and our funny bone was tickled again, many times, by this amazing comedy anime series.

Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 First Taste

Shokugeki no Soma Season3 begins, with Yukihira Soma & other students who made it to the Top 8 of ‘The Autumn Selection’; have already met the Tootsuki Elite 10! (This part is properly shown in the recently released Ova). Yukihira Soma challenges them for a Shokugeki (Cooking Battle), knowing Soma ; it was expected. Obviously, none of them accept his challenge.

Tootsuki Elite

But then, he challenges Tootsuki Elite’s 8th Seat Tenuri Kuga – an expert in Chinese food especially in Sichuan Cuisine; in case if Soma gets more customers than Kuga in the upcoming ‘Moon Banquet Festival’, they would face each other in a cooking battle. Soma has also decided to use a Chinese dish for the face off against Kuga, who is also the president of Chinese Cuisine RS of the academy; in the Moon Banquet festival.

The stalls of the Tootsuki Elite 10 are the main attractions of this festival, which attended by almost around 500,000 people. Soma also decides to put up his stall next to Kuga’s. At the end of the episode he comes to know that in case if his idea flops, I.e. is in case if he doesn’t get enough sales; he would be Expelled!

Yukihira Soma & Tenuri Kuga

It was really great, to see our favourite chefs again and the humour was top notch; the animation and voice acting was brilliant as expected from, Studio J.C. Staff. The same background music used in season 1& 2 were used again, which gave me many nostalgic feels! I loved the new opening theme song and the ending theme is also good.

The execution of this episode is just brilliant and also the food orgasm scenes were bearable to watch! This anime has got me really excited and I am already losing patience to watch the next episode.

Yukihira Soma & Nakiri Erina

I had been waiting for Season 3 of the anime ever since it was announced; it was definitely worth the wait! The plot for the upcoming episodes looks amazing. Yukihira Soma is still the crazy and amazing Protagonist; also the Tootsuki Elite 10 seems to have many amazing and interesting characters, including Tenuri Kuga (8th Seat).

I have high hopes that Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 and it is all set to be one of the best anime of this fall season!This season also has the capacity to be the best season of Shokugeki no Soma.  As we can expect lots of amazing cooking battles, involving Soma and the members of the Elite 10; which I have been wanting to see from Season 1 itself!

Mapo Tofu

So my impression on the premier of Shokugeki no Soma Season 3, is that it will be the one of the top anime of this season, it is definitely a must watch. If you haven’t watched the earlier seasons yet, do watch this anime as its certainly, a must watch series. Though, it is not meant for beginners because of its eechi and food orgasm content.Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 First Taste

Let us know you’re first impressions of Shokugeki no Soma Season 3, in the Comments Sections below.


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