Dragon Ball Super Episode 111 Spoilers and summary

dr5agon ball super episode 111 spoilers

Dragon ball super Episode 109-110 hasn’t aired yet and we already have more spoilers for the upcoming Episode 111, which is scheduled to air on October 15. These spoilers reveal quite a bit of information regarding Goku’s new transformation. Goku Vs Jiren has been the highlight of the Tournament of Power Arc thus far.

Goku Vs Jiren fight gives us more insight regarding Goku’s new transformation. We have Two different reliable sources, Herms98 and Yonkouproductions, who always bring us Dragon Ball Super Spoilers and other information. is and speculations regarding Goku’s New transformation

dragon ball super 111 spoilers

The Internet has been buzzing the past couple of weeks with fan theories and speculations about Goku’s New Limit Breaker form. Ranging from The terrible thing that’s going to happen to the Spirit Bomb absorbing Power up.

With the New Spoilers out. we have yet to find out any clues regarding the link between “The terrible thing” that’s going to happen, to the Goku’s new transformation.

Source 1

Dragon ball super episode 111 spoilers

Dragon Ball Super Episode Title: The Ultimate Battle is an Alternate Dimension! Hit Vs Jiren!!

The Heart of the 6th universe, Hit Vs The Strongest Warrior Jiren!!

The Strongest man who injured Goku severely, jiren. Finally, makes his move! and the one that stands up to him in a warrior from the 6th universe, the strongest assassin Hit.

This Week’s Goku: Will the secrets of Egoism awaken?

Goku’s body is covered in wounds from taking on jiren’s attack! but on the cusp of defeat, he awakens a new power, the “Secrets of Egoism”!! Now, what exactly is the “Secret of Egoism?!

Source 2

dragon ball super spoilers 111

Dragon Ball Super Episode Title: Extreme Battle of Another Dimension! Hit Vs Jiren”

Universe 6’s Linchpin Hit Vs the strongest warrior Jiren.

After Finally going into Action, the mightest man jiren has finally wounded Goku. Jiren next sets his sights on the strongest assassin, the universe 6 warrior Hit!

Goku this week: will he be able to master having his body react on its own?!

Goku has been injured from head to toe by jiren’s attack! however, immediately before going down, he awakens to a new power called “Mastery of self-movement”, where his body reacts on its own! what could this be?!

Could this “Mastery of Self Movement”, be that which “Whis” was talking about in the Resurrection of F?! More and more questions pop up as we get closer to the 1 hour special and beyond.


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