Isekai Shokudou (Restaurant to another World) Review

isekai shokudesu

Isekai Shokudou, is another anime that released in summer 2017, is based on the light novel written by Inuzuka Junpei. It is based on a restaurant named “Youshoku no Nekoya” (Western Restaurant Nekoya) situated in a mundane corner of an undisclosed shopping district, in Tokyo city.

Despite it being called a Western restaurant, it offers loads of Japanese and other varieties of dishes. It is like any other restaurant having normal business hours, throughout the week, except on Saturdays! Has it is only open to some unusual, once a week customers, only on Saturdays.

Season: 1
Episode: 12
Genre: Fantasy, Comedy & Slice of Life
Studio: Silver Link

Synopsis / Plot:

The plot of Isekai Shokudou is centred on Western Restaurant Nekoya; For about 50 years this restaurant, with its delicious food, has been satisfying their regular customers, mainly the salary men from nearby offices. This restaurant is open throughout the week for their regular customers, except on Saturdays.Isekai Shokudou (Restaurant to another World) Review

As on Saturday, the magical door of the restaurant creates doorways to another world, inhabited by dragons, animal men, elves and other fascinating creatures! Even normal people, but belonging to different places of birth and races are also among the list of special customers. These special customers find the food of this restaurant to be more exotic, than to what they are used to eat.

The plot of Isekai Shokudou mainly focuses on giving a brief character description of these special customers. And also a description on how, they came to the mysterious door of Western Restaurant Nekoya for the very first time and also a description of the favourite dishes of each customer, which made them, restaurants’ regular once a week customers. As they always returned to the restaurant, every week; to eat their favourite dish again.


The main lead of Isekai Shokudou is the Owner of the Western Restaurant Nekoya; He is a middle-aged man, who inherited the restaurant from his grandfather, who died 10 years ago. The Owner is a culinary master and he enjoys cooking for his unusual type of customers, who visit the restaurant every Saturday (Referred as Day of Saturn in the anime).As the plot progresses, the owner employ’s, ‘Aletta’, a demon girl, who looks more like a human except for the horns on her head and also ‘Kuro’, a dragon who adopts the form of a black haired elf girl; as waitresses for the restaurant on Saturdays.

Isekai Shokudou (Restaurant to another World) Review

The restaurant has become a neutral region for these special customers since none of the customers – whatever their personal differences are – want to miss out on the Owner’s Cooking. The owner and the waitresses get a reasonable amount of screen time overall. The special customers get significant screen time only for an episode, in which their origin and background gets described.

Other than that, these customers barely have any continuing role in the plot. And this affects the overall plot a bit; in a negative way. As they there is no proper continuity of the plot. Each new episode contains the description of origin and background of different characters/customers. And also, at times these characters’ background and origin description is quite boring to watch. Though, some characters are quite interesting to watch.


The art used in the animation of this anime is really good; especially the animation art used in dishes, as the food looks really delicious and it really makes me want to try them! (Sadly that’s not possible though). The voice acting team has done a decent job. The opening theme song is quite catchy and pleasant to hear. The main issue of Isekai no Shokudou is that ,there is very little connectivity between episodes.

Isekai Shokudou (Restaurant to another World) Review

As almost every episode begins, with the origin and description of a character and how he comes across the magical door, which leads to Nekoya restaurant and then he tries a dish, which tastes better anything else that person has tasted before. This pattern is repeated in almost all the episodes and each new episode focuses on a different character/customer, so it becomes quite boring if you were to binge watch this anime. It also lacks the element of surprise, since the pattern is repetitive.

Despite the repetitive pattern, the scenes and storytelling are well executed in each and every episode. At times, I found it interesting to watch these descriptions (sometimes not so), but always I loved watching the food, that was being served and it always made me have a craving, to taste those dishes.

Overall View:

Isekai Shokudou is centred on a simple main plot line i.e. serving good food to the customers, but it has lots of other quite simple yet interesting and connected plot lines mainly based on the description of the backgrounds and origin of the special once a week customers of Western Restaurant Nekoya. I really liked watching this anime, even though it was slow and it had a repetitive pattern; because I was watching it on weekly basis and I like watching good quality food-oriented shows.

Quantity wise, there were tons of characters and lots of different side stories (connected to the main plot) to look into and lots of tasty looking dishes to see. Quality wise its animation art is really good and overall execution is nicely done, but the pattern of each episode is repetitive and lack of continuity, brings the quality of the anime down a bit. Yet in my opinion, the anime overall is of very good quality.

Isekai Shokudou (Restaurant to another World) Review

I found Isekai Shokudou, worth the watch. But certainly, it’s not a must watch series! As it is boring to watch, at times and it also lacks some quality comedy moments. If you like watching food-oriented shows, it’s worth the watch! As it has a unique feel about it. Watch one or two episodes a day at max, as it becomes bit more fun, than binge-watching the whole anime together, as the anime lacks continuity and also because of the repetitive pattern of the episodes.

So overall, it was satisfying to watch Isekai Shokudou and I would like to see an improved season 2 of this anime if there ever will be one. In case if you have already seen this anime, let us know your opinion in the comments section.

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