Top 10 Anime Series of Summer 2017

summer 2017 anime top 10

Summer 2017 Anime season had lots of good Anime to offer. But We are almost at the end of September. Waiting for the Fall Anime season to roll out. Below we have a List of Top 10 Anime series that aired in Summer 2017. This List is Only My Top 10 favorites.  You The Readers have the right to disagree. Let me know in the comment section below your Top10 Summer 2017 Anime.

1. Made In Abyss















This show was Probably the biggest surprise for me this season. I originally thought that it was some Anime meant for kids. but by god, I was wrong. it might be the most well-constructed story of the season and even that is an understatement. I have not given into the hype, that being the reason why I am talking so highly of this series. This show is so beautiful and gives off a fresh new vibe that I haven’t felt before.

2. Kakegurui



Another one of the big surprises for me this summer 2017 anime season. kakegururi was the complete package. This Anime anime takes a fresh new approach to the high school genre. The story takes place in a school of students who are nation’s wealthiest. Here, the worth of someone is based not on their academics but on how well they can gamble and read people. As these will be the qualities help them become successful in real life.

3. Gamers!

gamers summer 2017













This is a story that revolves around certain students and their hobby, gaming. Amano kiea is our lonely protagonist who has a passion for gaming and is friends with uehara. Who is scretly a fellow gamer and is someone who believeswho believes his life is perfect. We also have karen tendou, the club president of the video games club. and we have chiaki hoshinomori, who constantly bickers with Keita .thilled with is is a story filled with non-stop comedy scenes and misunderstandings.



4. Classroom of The Eliteclassroom of the elite wummer 2017









This Anime portrayes a new and intriguing take on the school genre by implementing a setting where one’s worth is based off the number of “points” they have and which class they are in. In the show, there are four classes in total (from A to D) with A being the class with the students that are most valued by the school and D being the classroom of “Failures”. The story follows our nonchalant protagonist (who seems to be hiding a genius intellect behind a facade of normality) as he spends his days trying to solve the problems of his peers and help Class D achieve some sort of “redemption”.

5. Tsurezure Children

tsurezurechildren summer2017














The second of the two special 12 minute long anime series that I’m watching this summer is Tsurezure children and oh God how I love this show. Now, once again, the show isn’t “Mind blowing” by any standards but I guess liking it is more a matter of personal tastes rather than anything else. In any case, if you even remotely enjoy comedic yet cute romance stories, then this show will be more than perfect for you.

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2 Comments on “Top 10 Anime Series of Summer 2017”

  1. Seriously classroom of elite is no 4 and ballroom e youkoso is no 6. Your ranking is foulty.

    And where is these amazing shows??

    1.yokai apartment no yuuga na nichijou
    2.Nana maru San batsu
    3.keppeki danashi aoyama-kun

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