Pokemon Sun & Moon Reveals About Brock & Misty’s Families

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Pokemon Sun & Moon Premiered the 42nd Episode this week. The Episode featured the long-awaited return of Ash (Satoshi) Ketchum’s Longtime friend’s, Brock (Takeshi) And Misty (Kasumi). Who brought updates on their respective Family members.

Brock Reveals that His Younger Brother, Forrest is the New Gym Leader of The Pewter City Gym. Which is  Kanto’s Rock-Type Based Gym. He is tasked with Awarding The Boulder Badge to whoever Manages to Defeat him in a Pokemon Gym Battle.

Misty  is the Leader of The Cerulean City Gym, Which is a Water Type Based Gym. Misty Reveals that Her Three Sisters, Daisy, Violet and Lily have abandoned The Gym and are off on a Trip somewhere.

Pokemon: Sun & Moon aired the Episode: Aloha at Kanto {Brock} and {Misty} in Japan on September 14. However, it has yet to make its way to the US. In this episode, we see Ash returning to Kanto region, Where he reunites with his Old Friends, Brock (Takeshi) and Misty (Kasumi). Anyone who was a Die Hard fan of the Indigo League Days would sure to have gotten the Nostalgic vibes. Like Always Ash Has Another encounter with Team Rocket, while his Pokemon from the Aloha region get lost in Professor Oak’s Laboratory.

This Year Pokemon Anime is Celebrating its 20th year Anniversary. Pokemon anime started broadcasting in 1997. So far it has spawned About 993 Episodes and More than a dozen Movies. This was Brock’s first appearance since episode 807 and Misty’s first appearance since Episode 411.  They Both were again featured in the Latest Episode, Which Aired on September 21st in Japan.

Pokemon: Sun & Moon is the Seventh generation, Which is a part of the Long Running video game series. This  game is Nintendo’s Fastest Selling game ever. With over 14 Million copies sold worldwide.

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