Dragon Ball Super Provisional Episode Titles For 111-113 Revealed

With the Overwhelming Hype for the 1 Hour Dragon Ball Super Special Episode. We have new Provisional Episode Titles for the upcoming Episodes, Which are scheduled to Air in October. Going by the Episode Titles, we have to wonder whats going down after the 1-hour long special Episode. which is scheduled to air on October 8.

Goku and Jiren are expected to throw down in Episode 8. Apparently “something terrible” is going to Happen and we are going to see Goku’s New Transformation. But based on the New Provisional titles, it’s apparent that there’s more to go with the tournament. Because by now we would expect that Majority of the fighters are Eliminated and the Final fight has begun. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

it seems as if Jiren Eliminates Goku in Episode 110 and we have Jiren Vs Hit in Episode 111. its all mere speculation at this point.  let’s not waste any more time speculating and get on with the Provisional Titles and summary for Episode 109 and 110.

Episode: 109-110 Summary

A one-hour special Episode, as half of the Time in the Tournament of Power, Passes. God Of Destruction Orders Jiren to crush Son Goku. Goku is happy that he gets to fight jiren – The strongest warrior of Universe 11. However, As soon as jiren releases his ki, it overwhelms all the fighters in the Tournament. As an Answer to Goku Transforms into Super Saiyan Blue and Pushes his Kaioken to its Limit.

dragon ball super episode 111 to 113

Dragon Ball Super October 2017 Schedule
Episode Title Release Date
111 Hit Vs Jiren October 15
112 Vegeta’s Resolve October 22
113 Combat-Loving Saiyan battle October 29

Memo: After Having all his Attacks countered. Goku Collapses, However a never before seen Ki emerges from his body.

I am very curious about the things that are going to go down in the upcoming Episodes. Let us know your theories and opinions in the Comment section below.

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