Re:Creators (Spring 2017) Anime Review


Re:Creators, to sum it up it’s a meta-story. An anime meta-story where all your favorite character from your favorite anime, light novel, video game, and fanfiction come to your world. And mess happens. As a creative, what could be more satisfying and challenging at the same time? Re: Creators oversteps that boundary and did a fantastic job in it.


The life Sota Mizushino is forever changed when he meets Selesia Upitilia, the protagonist of his favorite anime. She saves him from the mysterious Military Uniform Princess and he tells her that she is actually a fictional character who has come to life in the real world.

Now, Sota and Selesia must gather the other characters that have arrived into the real world and save their worlds from total destruction.

*Animation Production*

Re:Creators is a Spring 2017 original anime by Studio TROYCA. Created by Rei Hiroe, the mangaka behind Black Lagoon and directed by Ei Aoki of Fate/Zero and Aldnoah.Zero fame.

*What I liked*

Everything is awesome.
That’s what I can say about this show.This show is one of the best of summer 2017.sure there is some cliches and fan service in it but that all sums up in a single episode. i can go on and on about how much it differs from all trashy anime we are all getting lately. I don’t know why they are making so many going to another world (isekai) shows but Re:Creators did the brought anime character into the real world.

I loved how they used anti-climax in episode 3.after a great deal of effort on the part of Celestia’s writer and illustrator, she prepares to test her new powers, the Sawano soundtrack soars, she strikes a dramatic pose… seriously it got my blood pumped up for a power-up and nothing happens.(lol)

I loved the concept of anyone can die like Game Of Thrones.. at least half of the main cast died fighting she is awesome.. people are calling her the second coming of Madara. And the cool part is she is not the only villain.then comes to the psycho serial killer magane straight out of a horror anime literally.I love her.

The best thing Re:Creators did in this show is the character development..they did it like a boss like no anime ever done. The fact that the creations can change as people after being removed from their story becomes a very important discovery. This is most apparent in Mamika and Magane, who is said to be becoming quite different from their source material. Even after only a third of the way through the series.

*What I disliked*

The only thing I was most pissed in the series is the male mc was a total wreck. I mean dude what the hell? why are you always so afraid? I would have loved if the mc would have been a little smart like our NPC Librarian.

Another thing I hated is talking, god stop with the talking. You are wasting valuable screentime that could have been used for the backstory of character or plot advancement. Rather then for long, boring and fictional conversations with the dullest of characters.


I can bet all of my pocket money of this month that you will love this anime. Just bear with it until episode 4. It’s a very good action and psychological anime with a decent plot and much more interesting characters.give it a shot.

Review by Ashutosh

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