Boruto Episode 25 Spoilers and Summary

boruto episode 25

Boruto naruto the next generation episode 25 is scheduled to air on September 20. Here we have a brief summary for the upcoming episode. With the anime series entering a new arc, with adventures set in the land of mist.

Episode Summary:

Episode 25: The Adventurous School Trip!!Boruto and others are

Boruto and others are excited about their first school trip to a different village.

With the seventh Hokage’s approval, a school trip to the hidden mist village in the Land of water is decided upon. Since it’ll be the first time, boruto and the others visit another village, their heart is racing and they get deciding the class-trip monitor. The reason behind everyone recommending Boruto as the Monitor is….?!



Side Note 1: Shino tears up looking at how his class is working together to decide their monitor.

Side Note: When Borutoo is Hesitant to become the monitor, the usually quite mistuki speaks up

Appoint The Trouble-maker as the Trip Monitor!!

Sarada pushes everyone’ decision for making borutoo the trip monitor. Will Sarada’s strategy to avoid trouble by making the trouble-maker the class monitor be successful…?!

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Thanks to Ken xyro and Yonkoprod for the scans.

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