Sword Art Online Season 3 confirmed!? Alicization Arc teased

sword art online alicization arc

This is a Huge Month for Sword Art Online. With a theatrical release for the Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale Movie set for release in China on September 15 and DVD/Blu-ray release on September 27  in Japan.  Fans have more reasons to be excited about.

Apparently, Rentals in Japan have already started ahead of release. There were some early reports about the Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale DVD version containing some remarkable additions for Home video. first, The Asuna Bathing scene, as previously stated. and then the Feature wraps with a teaser promo for what looks like a lead-in to the Next Storyline, The Alicization Arc.

The Sword Art Online Franchise is getting ridiculously big. Having grossed about 3.5 Billion YEN in the world wide box office. With China Doing a Large scale theatrical release of the Ordinal Scale Movie, with over 6000 screens across the country. whereas the Japanese theatrical release only had 150 screens,

Now that we have the Teaser at Hand. We know that SAO season 3 is definitely coming. one has to wonder which part of the Novel it is going to adapt. From what it looks like, it is going to be the Alicization Arc. this Arc is a Direct sequel to the GGO (Gun Gale Online) Arc and the Mother Rosario Arc.

Summary for the Alicization Arc:

Alicization Arc starts in June. It starts with Kirito being offered a job with an enterprise named “Wrath” by a man named sejiro, who is a VR crims division member that into was co-operating with, since the Sword Art Online incident. kiritos job was to test out an experimental full dive machine. but his memories were to be blocked as a security measure. kirito didn’t know this at first but the company’s real purpose was actually not to test out the machine itself. but to create a special type of AI for military use.

Light Novel 9, was released by YEN Press in July


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