Kuzu no Honkai (Scums wish) Spring 2017 Review

Kuzu no Honkai

Genre: Drama, Romance, School, Seinin
Episodes: 12
Studio: Lerche


Let’s get one thing straight; while Kuzu no Honkai is a mature Anime, it is nowhere close to being as inappropriate as some people claim it to be. Unrequited love can be a very painful, especially when dealing with life’s never-ending problems, and such is the case with our series’protagonists. However, this isn’t just any run-of-the-mill show about unrequited love.

kuzu no honkai scums wishOn one hand, we have HanabiYasuraoka(安楽岡花火 YasuraokaHanabi)who is a High School student and is in love with Narumi Kanai (鐘井鳴海 Kanai Narumi). They have been veryclose since childhood. Narumi on the other hand is in love with the music Teacher AkaneMinagawa(皆川茜 MinagawaAkane). If things weren’t complicated enough, we are introduced to Mugi who is also in love with Akane.

Feeling lonely and spurned, Mugi and Hanabi form a faux-relationship to comfort each other, and this ‘comforting’ sometimes leads to sexual intimacy. They agree to never fall in love with each other and to return to their original partners. That is,as soon as they become couples.

The opening and endings for this series were polar opposites. I won’t spoil that for you, so if you’re curious I suggest you give it a try.


It might seem strange but to me, the characters were quite likable. Most viewers may consider themto be very unrealistic and unlikable. To truly appreciate the characters truly, one must have an open mind about same sex relationships. I am going to skip the 4 characters that I mentioned in the Plot section. We will instead talk about SanaeEbato,Hanabi’s best friend and classmate. She brings a twist to the show with her antics which are very Yuri (Homosexual) to say the least.


This show has some pretty good and fluid animation. Maybe some of the best of the season it aired in. To be honest, I was taken to this show more due to the art and the animation stylethan due to the plot. The Animation portrayed the facial emotions in such a way that you could easily notice the subtle changes in the characters. The attention to detail really shines through here. There wasn’t much to write home about the Score or BGMs in the series. But it all stitched together very well with Lerches Animation.

Overall Enjoyment

Overall, I enjoyed the series. It had its ups and downs. In my opinion, the author could have handled the plot a little differently, but that’s just me. The concept of the show was very original, and I didn’t think that I would end up liking as much as I did. Every episode brought new surprises and left me with cliff-hangers to draw out my curiosity. If you are only in to Rom-Com Genre, then Kuzu no Honkai isn’t for you. But if you are the type to experiment with Mature content, I suggest you try it.

Have you seen Kuzu no Honkai? What are your impressions? Let us know in the comments below!


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